Welcome to the IMAGE GALLERY

Within this exhibition gallery, there are several chambers, each with its own theme.

These comprise a selection of photographs taken in recently and over the years with my cameras: Canon EOS 40D (lens EF 28-135mm IS USM), Canon Powershot G9 and Sony RX100 Mk3, plus some from my previous cameras: Canons D60, S80 and S50 and very early Kodaks DC210 and DC240.

Please choose whichever picture-chamber you fancy for viewing.

Church Stretton    Street scenes and the like of the township where since 2011 I have made my abode.
South of Church Stretton - Ludlow and Greater Malvern    Some views of two gracious towns to the south of the Strettons.
North of Church Stretton - Shrewsbury and Chester    Views of two towns to the north of the Strettons.
Countryside scenes    Views and panoramas of the environs in Shropshire and Wales.
Dublin    Some pictures as a result of a visit there in 2015.
Another miscellany    More images of an eclectic choice.
Abstracts    Some attempts at abstract photo art.
Favourites (1)    A few pictures of which I am fond.
Favourites (2)    More oddments which take my fancy.

The pictures exhibited in this site are best viewed with a monitor resolution sufficient to view images with dimensions of up to 1280 pixels in width and up to 800 pixels in height.